5 Printer Problems You Should Know About

Though everyone talks of going paperless, it is not always possible. Offices, schools, and all other institutions or organizations can’t manage their operations without some sort of paper work. Therefore, printers find their use at every place. But sometimes it feels difficult working with printers as well. They can even malfunction only to stop working entirely. There could be many problems with printers, but at the same time you can have some easy fixes.

Let’s take a look at common printer problems and their solution:

Printer sits idle

There could be numerous reasons as to why your printer is sitting idle and not printing at all. You may doubt if it has got some serious issue and you need to call a printer support team. But sometimes the problem is quite simple and you can do it yourself with much ease.

If your printer won’t work, start with the basics to verify if everything is fine with it. Check if papers are there in the trey, reach any error message or warning sight on the printer, check if ink cartridges are empty, USB and power cables are plugged in and if it is connected to Wi-Fi (if wireless printer).

Sometimes the printer won’t print is because of some software which create a virtual printer and set itself as default. So, whenever you try to print by clicking on Print, you actually save a file instead of sending the document to original printer. You can check this by following these steps:

  • Open Control Panel from Start Menu.
  • Go to Devices and Printers.
  • Right click the correct printer.
  • Set it as Default.

And, make sure that the correct printer is selected in the program you are printing from.

Alternatively, you can also run printer troubleshooter to identify and fix problems.

Printer doesn’t respond to iPhone or Tablet

In order to be able print using smartphones – iPhone, iPad or tablet – the printer must be wireless and must support AirPrint. Although recent models are designed to support AirPrint, some models are not meant for it. You can also download suitable apps for iOS to be able to print wirelessly.

To be able to print from Android phone or tablet, you can use Google Cloud Print. Install the app from the Google Play store for wireless printing.

Printing blank

This could be due to an empty cartridge. Printers usually warn that the ink is running out before it actually does. With the ink falling low in quantity, colors fade away and it stops printing, eventually.  You should consider buying cartridges before it happens.

Paper jams

If paper jams are common to your printer, you should try to figure out why is it happening frequently rather than just learning to pull out the crumpled piece of paper. After you take out the paper, open the printer’s flap and look inside with the help of a torch. Look underneath the printer carefully to find an access panel where you can clean the paper feed mechanism. Old paper may absorb moisture and stick other papers with it, which causes printer to pull two or more sheets with it at a time. Place it carefully in the bag to avoid absorption of moisture. Use high-quality papers to avoid this.

Poor quality prints

Nozzles on inkjet printer heads can become blocked with time. Poor quality or refilled ink could be a culprit. Cleaning the print heads can solve this problem. However, the cleaning procedure can vary from printer to printer. Head cleaning kits are also available that you can use to clean the print head.

All the above-mentioned printer problems are commonly encountered by users. You can also get printer support services to identify the reason behind these problems and get a quick fix.

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