5 Stages of Website Design and Development

Every business that operates online has a website. Hence, you can see different types of websites across the internet. Every website is different in terms of business, design and usefulness. While some are highly popular in a particular domain, some fight for their existence. The success lies in how everything related to the website has been planned and executed.

The initial step of planning a website while considering its design and development is extremely important for deciding its fate. Still many people start randomly without the initial planning. Consequently, the end up having a misbegotten site, which may be visually compelling and loaded with amazing functionality, but fatally inapt. Such a site doesn’t perform the way the clients expect. This poorly planned website can cost heavily when tried to get it repaired. You can prevent this from happening to you, by taking the right step of careful planning from the very first stage.

A well-planned website is highly flexible, planned-down to the most acute details to offer an attractive, user-friendly solution. Made on the latest technology, such sites feature a modular framework that allows future expansion without asking for a great deal of costly programming and redesigning. So, if you are planning for a new site, take it very seriously.

Your project should include following stages, which must be taken seriously:


It is crucial to keep a watch on the latest industry trends to conclude the outline of your website. Talking to the experienced professionals of a Web Development Company in Nagpur will be helpful in planning the initial stage. This brainstorming is crucial to keep the project heading in the right direction.


Extensive online research performed around a formal feature-set of competitor websites within the targeted industry helps keeping a tab on the strategies followed by successful businesses. It helps in avoiding mistakes.


Before proceeding with the job, your concept should be ready. Compiled and documented, it should layout in substantial details the way in which the project should move on. It is important to maintain a seamless workflow.

Site’s planned structure

A well-planned structure of the website is crucial for providing its navigation schema and inter-relation of the content.


The type of content you use for your website – including images, graphics, text and detailed description about products and services – ensures its effectiveness and ability to increase conversion.  Use SEO optimized content on your website for better ranking. However, also make sure that it stands to the expectations of your customers.

Apart from these 5 stages, pay attention to the maintenance and update of your website after it is successfully launched.

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