Luxury Hotels – What Actually Make Them Luxury?

Today, the word “luxury” is the most overly-used term. Everything has got its luxury components nowadays. Even coffee blends and detergents are not left aside.

The adjective luxury also defines hotels. So, while looking for hotels in Sonamarg, you would certainly want to get that luxury feel. However, in view of demanding, experienced luxury travelers, luxury hotel means something specific. Amidst everything else, a question still persists – who decides whether a hotel or resort is luxury or not?

The hospitality industry generally trusts star ratings designated by some critically-minded organizations. But, there are no set standards for a luxury hotel. In general, it is noted that both four and five star hotels describe themselves as luxury and claim a little higher price. Hotel guests who have to spend extra for the sake of luxury have the right to expect certain standards in rooms, services, dining and everything else. It depends mostly on personal choice, but a general overall view is somewhat similar.

The no-at-all complicated booking process

Luxury hotels let their guests feel like Royal, even in terms of hotel reservation. They keep it simple whether from a booking site, a discounter or through any associates.

Fast, Easy Check in & Check out

No one wants to wait to check in or check out.

Nothing seems more frustrating than waiting in a line to check in when you have already spent your day just getting to the hotel.

Luxury hotels:

  • Ensure faster check in and check out
  • Make sure that your luggage takes no more than 10 minutes to arrive in your room
  • Offer express check out and also settle any discrepancy on your bill quickly

You Get the Kind of Room You Wanted

Luxury hotels & resorts in Sonamarg will accommodate your every request regarding:

Room category and level

  • Physical location of the room in the hotel – near the lobby or secluded, river-facing, ground floor or anything else.
  • A king bed.
  • Plunge pool.
  • Special rooms – per-friendly, for handicapped, or allergen-free.

Features inside the luxury rooms

A long-list of enhanced features can be expected. Your “musts” should be here in the so called luxury hotel room.

  • It should feel lovely the moment you step in.
  • Consistent design, high-quality furnishing and no cheap finishing.
  • A quiet room with AC and other comforting equipment.
  • A room filled with freshness, no old smoke odor or mildew.
  • Original arts and paints on the wall.
  • The type of bed you like with a firm mattress.
  • A window that you can open when required.
  • Sufficient hangers, adequate storage, full length mirror.
  • Work table, a room safe, flat TV, coffee maker or any other utility that you want.

Bathroom with a difference

Luxury hotel bathrooms are like luxury home bathroom:

  • A ventilation source
  • Branded bath gels and soaps
  • Tubs for him and her
  • Sufficient counter space
  • Moderate water pressure in shower
  • High-quality toiletries that smell nice, not strong
  • Plenty of high-quality, fluffy towels
  • Unstained, unchipped counters

Additional features could be welcoming staff, outstanding dining area and all the facilities for your comfort and entertainment.

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