Social Media As A Digital Marketing Trend

For years, marketers have been in search for an effective medium to reach out to their audiences and interact with them in real time. It was, in fact, to create a new standard for service deliverability with digital marketing. With the increasing trend of social media and the growing preference of users for socialization, marketers can now capitalize on the opportunity available with it. Supporting their marketing teams are companies, which are now willing to increase their digital marketing spending with the intention to widen their customer reach. This move is further seconded by a rise in mobile e-commerce.

As the number of people using smart phones is growing, the internet access and the use of social media platforms is also increasing. Using social platforms, people talk about brands, discuss fashion, technology and several other things that are relevant to their lives. Clearly, businesses have a wonderful opportunity if they integrate social strategies in their digital marketing practices.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others cater to several brands daily by allowing them to interact with their customers in real time. Aside from large scale companies, several small and medium scale businesses are also considering to spend on digital branding through social. They are making significant changes to their digital marketing strategy to make the most of social platforms. Brands are busy creating rigorously creative ad campaigns as well as highly interactive promotional experience for their consumers through social media. Targeting millions of customers in the real-time, brands have been able to create a positive impression on them. Not just this, but by initiating a conversation and responding promptly to their queries, they actually create a brand credibility in a short span that otherwise takes years to build.

This trend has actually compelled brands and businesses to turn to social media influences and bloggers to be their brand representative and talk about the products and services that they wish to market. In fact, social media is not growing as a new way of marketing, but trends reveal that social promotions, whether paid or unpaid, is only gaining popularity with the increasing competition in the online world. The key to success is to identify an influences that can be the right fit for a brand or who can understand the business objectives, and be able to identify what deliverables can translate into measurable profit.

Businesses need the help of a partner like SStride WebSoft to include social strategy in their branding endeavors. Teams like SStride can work upon strategies to identify what can work well for a brand and generate profit.

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