Web Design & Development – Go Responsive To Reduce Page Load Time

The lack of user-friendly features on your website can persuade your customers to reach out to one of your competitors. Images play an important role in context with user-experience as they have a direct impact on the load time of your website. With people using a variety of devices to use the internet, your website should load seamlessly on any device, regardless of the screen size. While texts load easily, images take longer to show up, causing page load delays. Higher page load time is a sign of poor user-experience that can lead to more customers leaving your website, thus limiting conversions.

Decreasing the page load time can dramatically increase conversions and build brand trust. Using light and smaller images is the best practice to speed up page load. But, it doesn’t mean that you have to get different websites for different screen sizes. A responsive website is all you need. The best thing about a responsive website is that it fits any screen seamlessly. Responsive designs are natively supported in any browser.

You don’t need to upload multiple versions of an image to fit different screen sizes, but the image would resize automatically, depending on the device’s screen size. An experienced developer can use this attribute of image during the development phase.

If you are in search for a web development company in Kolkata, make sure they help you get a responsive website. Image responsive strategy is all about future-proofing your website as merchants use a wide range of screen sizes, resolutions and densities.

Website designers and developers across the globe have realized the significance of a responsive website and how does it help in improving customer experience by reducing page load time. Using the responsive features, developers in Kolkata can optimize your website for both speed and aesthetics. The end-result is quite exciting and offers a seamless experience across all devices. Above all, your website performs excellent on all devices – desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet, iPhone and all others.

If you want your customers to enjoy a better viewing experience, hire website design services that keeps you at the forefront of technology. Check if they have responsive themes to offer for your new website. A good company should be ready to offer you customized solutions as per the latest industry norms. Hire services only after performing their background check.


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