Why to Choose PHP for Web Application Development?

PHP is one of the most versatile server side scripting languages used to create highly interactive and intuitive web applications. As a scripting language, it has increased in demands due to the ease of development it offers to the web developers. In fact, it has many more features and advantages to offer to the web development community as well as the web users.

Here are top 5 reasons why PHP web development remains in trend always:

  1. Friendly, easy and absolutely free

While other languages used for development pose limitations, PHP allows them to complete their project on a friendly note. Being open-source, it is constantly developed and updated by community of developers worldwide which ensures it stays relevant to the latest technology trends. It can be easily downloaded and installed like any open source language to be used on any computer for development purpose. It is neither time-taking, nor laborious.

  1. Double-end development

PHP impresses web developers also because it can be used for both frontend and backend development. Developers can easily make changes to the existing conditions of the website by changing a single piece of code. PHP is one language which is not required to be decoded to understand the correlation between frontend and backend coding. This is how it saves time and efforts of web developers.

  1. Compatible to all OS

Being compatible to all famous operating systems like Linux, UNIX, Mac and Windows, it provides web application developers the versatility to create highly engaging applications with much ease. While other programming languages may increase complexities with increasing compatibility, PHP remains simple to use across all platforms. Therefore, it has emerged as the most popular and cost-effective programming language.

  1. Dynamic, flexible and secure

Web applications developed using PHP are highly secure as it is an encrypted language which can be easily scaled. This feature adds to its flexibility and dynamism. In fact, PHP offers the greatest degree of flexibility to any web application as compared to any of its competitors. Websites and web apps developed using this platform refresh automatically without any manual intervention. If this is not enough, it can be customized to meet exact development needs. In addition, it can be embedded with libraries for graphics and special effects to enhance the user-experience.

  1. Customization

It is open-source and can be fully customized to meet individual requirements, which makes it the preferred choice for CMS development. After customization, PHP based web applications ensure faster data processing which reflects through the website function. It can also be embedded into HTML to convert an existing static website into a fresh, dynamic one. For all these reasons, custom PHP website development is highly in demand.

For the kind of features and advantages it offers, PHP is backing many well-known web applications like Facebook. The added benefit of security and flexibility further enhance usability and user experience. It would take longer than usual for a web developer to create a web application equivalent to features of a PHP-based website.

Resource from: http://www.bigleads.in/choose-php-web-application-development/

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